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Verizon: The name Verizon came from combining veritas which translates from the Spanish to truth and horizon. The company originated in 1983 as the result of several mergers between Bell Atlantic, GTE, Regional Bell Operating Company and NYNEX, which was initially created from the break-up of several AT&T subsidiaries. The company calls Lower Manhattan, New York City home for its headquarters.

AT&T: With its headquarters in downtown Dallas, AT&T is the largest telephone company and comes in a close second, behind Verizon for providing DSL Service. AT&T began as Southwestern Bell Corporation as one of the Regional Bell Operating Companies that were incorporated in 1983 by AT&T Corp. The company name was changed to SBC Communications Inc. in 1995 and in 2005, the name was changed again to AT&T Inc., as we know it today.

Qwest: A comparative newcomer on the scene of telecommunications and DSL, Qwest was founded in 1996 by Philip Anschutz as a subsidiary of the Southern Pacific Railroad. This company has had rapid growth and became the first company to offer Standalone DSL in the U.S. Stand alone DSL is Internet that does not necessitate a local landline phone service.

Earthlink:   Earthlink, headquartered in Atlanta Georgia, was founded by Sky Dayton in 1994 when Sky was only 23years old. Through the years, the company has had several acquisitions of other telecommunication companies making it one of the top ten DSL providers in the United States.

Speakeasy: Speakeasy started out in 1994 as one of the few national Internet Cafes and since then the company has been evolving and staying on the leading edge of technology so as to continue to provide excellent products and customer service. Their work in the area of Voice Over Internet Protocol was some of the most technologically advanced work ever.

Covad: Another young company that continues to make innovative advances in Internet communications technology. This company, along with Speakeasy joined with MegaPath in the fall of 2010.

MegaPath: Today?s MegaPath was created in the fall of 2010 by the merging of three companies, MegaPath, Speakeasy and Covad.  They provide Voice, Data and Security services on a nationwide network.

DSL Extreme: Founded in May 1999, DSL Extreme is based out of Los Angeles, CA. This company provides a wide variety of online products for both consumer and business customers.

DSLi: DSLi offers business and residential products as well as hosted security services.

Isomedia: Isomedia started out in 1991 in Richmond, WA. Their primary focus was to burn backup disks of data for other companies. They quickly expanded and now provide a complete host of services for Internet users.

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